boca raton personal trainer for women


The Remote Accountability Program is perfect if you fit any of these… 

  • Cannot fit Rodsquad group sessions into your schedule
  • Find Rodsquad classes too challenging and prefer to work at your own pace and fitness level
  • Travel and cannot commit to exercising in one location
  • Prefer to work out on your own
  • Do not live in the Boca Raton area

This program is perfect if you would benefit from… 

  • Accountability, goal setting, progress tracking 
  • Access to fitness and nutrition expertise

If you live in South Florida, the Remote Accountability Program includes:

  • 3 personal training sessions to master your personalized fitness program
    • Learn the exercises you’ll be completing at your home, hotel, or community gym
  • 2 in-person check-ins each month
    • One-on-one meeting with Rod and InBody weigh-in to track your progress
  • Weekly check-ins via phone
    • Accountability regarding your exercise and diet
  • Key access to the Rodsquad facility
    • Another location to complete workouts at your convenience
  • Video library of Rodsquad recommended exercises to fit your program

If you live anywhere else in the world, the Remote Accountability Program includes:

  • A video library teaching you the fitness program you need to follow
  • Weekly check-ins via phone
  • Ongoing accountability/ support regarding your exercise and diet

This program is available to women anywhere in the world!