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Everyone knows that a perky, lifted booty looks better than a saggy, neglected derrière. But what are the other benefits of working your booty, besides the way it looks?

Here are 3 reasons to work your glutes that have nothing to do with looks!

  1. BEAT BACK PAIN. Strong glutes stabilize the pelvis and support movement in the hip joint, so your lower back doesn’t bear the brunt of your motion.
  2. INCREASE SPEED AND AGILITY. Your gluteus maximus stabilizes your pelvis and SI joint, and spreads out the force of impact during everyday activities and sports.
  3. PREVENT INJURY. With weak gluteal muscles, the wrong muscles will work to overcompensate, thus allowing us to perform the movement, but not in the correct way. If your glutes work how they should, you are far less likely to get injured.

With the popularity of HIIT classes, everyone is trying to get their heart rate up and sweat as much as they can, but that’s not most beneficial for women. The glutes simply help the body function better, and neglecting them can have a negative impact on your appearance and overall health.

Unfortunately, glutes are often underworked, especially if your workouts are not designed specifically for women. If you’ve been working out, and wondering why your arms and legs are getting bigger, but your butt isn’t, take a close look at your workout.