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Welcome to Rodsquad


Whether you would love to fit into a favorite pair of blue jeans again or you want to build strength and muscle, we all have our own fitness goals. And, when you’re fighting hard to reach those goals in a world designed for men’s fitness, it’s simply more difficult than it has to be. There’s a widespread misconception in the fitness industry that women should work out just like men do, but the physiological differences in men and women make some exercises and approaches to fitness more effective for women than they are for men, and vice versa.

The other big misconception in the fitness industry is that, because of the physiological differences in men and women, women are only suited to for “feminine” workouts, like yoga, Pilates or Zoomba. But, the fact of the matter is that women can get fit and strong without bulking up, and they can do so without ever having to step foot in a Barre class. That’s exactly what we’ve set out to do at Rodsquad — help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what they be, with a combination of cardio, strength training and proper nutrition.

Maximize your results with group fitness classes!

At Rodsquad, we believe in the power of group fitness. When you join a group fitness class, you’ll enjoy added motivation, accountability, structure and variety in your workouts, while also gaining the benefits of working closely with a trainer to ensure that you’re maintaining the proper form throughout each exercise. Additionally, group fitness classes are amazing places to make friends who are on a similar journey to fitness, which can help you gain your own support system. Here are a few of the classes we offer at Rodsquad:

  • Rodquad Women’s Fitness Class – This class is designed for the perfect blend of cardiovascular training and resistance training. The cardio portion of the class consists of calisthenics, step ladders, hurdle drills, jump ropes, and spinning bikes, while the resistance training portion consists of training with free weights — such as barbells, dumbbells and medicine balls.
  • Cycling – Cycling is an ideal workout if you’re looking for a high-intensity training session that won’t put too much pressure on your joints. In one 45-minute class, our trainer will guide you through simulations of climbing hills and mountains and speeding along breakaways and flat roads, while helping to ensure that you’re in proper cycling form.
  • Cardio Conditioning – If you want a workout designed to get your heart pumping, cardio conditioning is for you. This total-body class is a blast, and it will keep you coming back for more.

Take the first step toward reaching your fitness goal!

Most gyms are designed around men, but at Rodsquad, we’re a women’s only gym designed to help women throughout Boca Raton reach their fitness goals, no matter what they may be. Using an effective blend of cardiovascular training, strength training and nutrition, we’ll help you conquer your goals once and for all. Contact us today to get started!