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rodsquad offers:

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Rod’s program is simply amazing!!! I have struggled for years with my weight. Trying everything out there before I joined his program! I tried other personal trainers, the Jenny Craig diet, aerobics, zumba, Tae bo any exercise class or diet, I would try, without success. I got so frustrated that about ten years ago I even had liposuction. But the fat came back! And now I can’t believe the shape that I’m in! I’m super fit but not just compared to what I was before, I’m in crazy, crazy shape compared to any athlete out there! (I even dropped about 30 points off of my cholesterol and needless to say- I feel better and healthier than I ever felt in my whole life!!! I finally love myself! My confidence and self-esteem have improved tremendously!!! I’m a better, healthier and extremely fit me!

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