boca raton personal trainer for women

Group Fitness Sessions

Rodsquad’s group fitness sessions are designed just for women!

The signature Rodsquad session (offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) includes weight training and cardio. It’s a full body workout, designed to make the biggest impact on fat loss, toning and shaping a gorgeous female figure. We follow a very specific, results-oriented program, so no two sessions are the same and each session is designed to flow perfectly with the one before and after.

All sessions are one hour in length. Participants must arrive 15 minutes prior to their session time for warm up and demonstration.

Wondering what a Rodsquad group session is like? Watch the video below.

After a lonnnnggg summer ☀️ and what feels like a month of hurricane prep 🌪Rodsquad is back in action. 💪🏼 👙 Back to school = back to fitness! 🎉 Look to see who made the video. 👀 #bocasfittestladies #fitnessisfun #backinaction #rodsquadboca #killinit

Posted by Rodsquad on Saturday, September 7, 2019